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Television Show Highlighting The Journey To Finding The Right Job

An inspirational fish-out-of-water docu-series that follows individuals, hopeless in their current jobs, on their personal journey to career fulfillment. This heartfelt series shares the unique stories of people of all ages, cultures, denominations, and socioeconomic backgrounds as they bring the audience along on the familiar journey of self-discovery – all lead by the top Career Transition Specialists in the world!
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Totally Rad!

Interior Design Tv Show

Indian-born, elite interior designer, Radhika “Rad” Vydianathan, and her powerhouse international all-female team, are leading Georgia’s most exclusive neighborhood renovations and redesigns while using unconventional methods to draw inspiration.

Radhika and her team identify design choices through the personal experiences of their clients, using the method of “Kalachakra,” which is the Buddhist teaching and practice of looking to one’s external environment to draw inspiration.

The Sales & Marketing Academy

Masterclass-style Online Courses

Online course production with a team of some of the country’s most noted professionals, The Sales & Marketing Academy™ courses are designed, implemented and instructed by those who know business best. With an infrastructure built on providing practical, real-life business skills that are useable upon learning, TSAMA students learn from several industries’ best leaders. Courses share valuable, “insider” tips as well as the latest trending technologies.

The Challenge

Innovative New Spoken Word Album

Get ready for something new, fresh and interesting to listen to. The Challenge is a motivational, educational and inspirational music album that will encourage you to workout, dance and just feel great. Start your day with dynamic beats, inspiring songs and incredible melody that will “make you wanna go” coming soon, get ready to be blown away. Stay tuned for this new genre of music…

Fast Dot Game

Educational Video Game for Improved Cognitive Function

An educational video game that sharpens your thinking and helps your cognitive ability improve. Challenge yourself to pick out the odd numbers, even numbers and to spell words, all while numbers and letters are flying across the screen on a “fast dot” let the fun and competitions begin!

Property Management Software

by Landlords for Landlords

There are many property management software solutions out there, but this one was created to offer a more affordable solution for better cash flow, lessening the expense coming from the property. So So Simple covers tenant contact info, tenant payments, and tenant maintenance requests.

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